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SEAT Service

We were commissioned to create a 2 minute video showcasing the variety and quality of services offered. The film goes behind SEAT’s Active Reception and travels through the various processes, focusing on the know-how and specialisation of the After Sales team.

We spent several days in Toledo, at one of the many official SEAT workshops. Together with our models, we learned the ropes at the various workstations and shot each process in detail. 4a. The only drawback was the weather, at a biting 3 degrees Celsius, which was not stopped by any windows or doors. These were all left wide open to make the most of the feeble winter sunlight. 4b. The participating team was large; Eric, Virginie and Bénédicte joined us from Zone-Franche, Ana, Miguel and Gabriele from SEAT. The only one missing was Coco, Ana’s fluffily cute cat!

SEAT (VW Group)

Deep Green Sea

Creative Director
Dimitris Ladopoulos

Spiros Rasidakis

Project coordinator
George Kyparissiadis

Director of photography
Nikos Mexis

George Potagas