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TV Commercial

FAGE Total

What made this film memorable for us, aside from the aesthetic result, was the amazing quality of the production at every step of the way. The Hungarian production team “PPM Film Services” managed to locate unique venues, including the Hungarian Opera House which permitted a shoot in its interior for the first time in its history!

The brief was very exciting, its concept being that “the simplest things have the power to create something unique”. This inspired a script where the motion graphics played a great part in the narrative of the story, bringing to life ideas and creations that changed the world. This project left us with the best impressions for all the teams involved and, we believe, the result made everyone very happy!

X-Rated + PPM

Directed & VFX
Spiros Rasidakis
Dimitris Ladopoulos

Director of photography
Nikos Mexis

Yiannis Kostavaras

Sound design
Nikos Tsines