The Art of Making

The Carpenter

This is where it all began. It was our first attempt to design and produce one of our ideas for a film. Having done the shooting, we were not happy with the result and so we had to scrap our initial idea and start all over. We experimented and improvised with the music, the editing and the graphics until we felt we had something. Having no expectations, we posted it on Vimeo. The feedback was quick and overwhelming. People’s comments from around the world, gave us the motivation to continue with more films for the se

Directed & VFX
Spiros Rasidakis
Dimitris Ladopoulos

Director of photography
Nikos Mexis

Yiannis Kostavaras

Sound design
Nikos Tsines

Edsart Udo De Haes

Guitar maker
Vassilis Lazarides

The Art of Making, The Carpenter

The first video that inspired the creation of the mini series 'The Art of Making'.